How to Catch an Elf – Book Study



This is a ‘How to catch an Elf’ book companion pack with a design brief to make a trap to catch an elf. There are writing prompts and Literacy Center Tasks to keep your students working hard around Christmas time.

Word Wall

  • There are two versions for printing.
  • These posters are an excellent way to brainstorm words together for reading and writing.
  • Display in a prominent place in your room and watch your writers go!

Visual Representation

  • This section includes a page for each trap in the text.
  • Students can draw what they think about each trap.
  • As you read aloud stop before you show the illustrations from the book.
  • Record a summary for each change.
  • Then predict a new trap design.

Print and Go

This sections includes

  • Word splashes for each the Elf, Santa and the children
  • Plus, Minus and Interesting facts
  • Alphabet Key
  • I see, I think, I wonder
  • Record three facts
  • 3/2/1 – Facts, options, questions
  • Text to text, self and world
  • Compare and contrast
  • Design a book cover

Book Review

  • The Book Review templates allow for illustrations and a text response.
  • The first page is great for setting up beginning, middle and ending so that the second page is easier to complete.

Writing About the Reading

  • Is-has-can tasks
  • Writing letters- convince to keep the Elf safe
  • Main Idea and sub points
  • Author tools – what does the author do to keep us reading and interested?
  • Interview questions
  • Dialogue between characters
  • Make an advertisement for the feast
  • Write a different ending
  • Write an innovation on the text
  • Draw and label a story map
  • Make a list of important facts from the text
  • List the complications and resolutions
  • Write a sequel
  • Recount
  • Summary

Design a new Elf Trap

  • Discuss three good traps
  • Draw one great trap
  • Design the trap
  • Make the trap
  • Get feedback and make modifications


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