Halloween Math Centers



These Halloween Math Center Tasks are colourful and engaging while challenging and supporting basic number sense. Explore ten frames, friends of 10, less than/bigger than, turn around facts, calendar dates, days and months of the year, sequencing tasks, matching numerals to words, skip counting and problem-solving cards.

Each Halloween Math Center has a coloured version as well as black and white to save your ink. You could copy the black and white versions onto colored card to give another printing option.

Ten frames for Number Sense
  • Use these as flashcards, sequence in order, ask how did you know it was 5?
  • Encourage children to share strategies i.e. I saw 3 and 2 and that is 5
Friends of Ten
  • Use a dry erase marker to record answers, or copy one for each child in black and white.
  • Use as cards for a memory game to match two that make 10.
  • Match partners and show using counters or use blank cards to make your own friends of 10 cards and write equations.
Less Than or Bigger Than
  • Copy the board for each student.
  • With a buddy – choose a number each from the card pile and place in the correct side of the card.
Turn-a-round Facts
  • Use the three numbers on the cards to write on small whiteboards the four equations for addition and subtraction equations.
Calendar Numbers
  • Use the date tags to reinforce ordinals – ask questions like what is next, in front of and can be glued on for each day as the month progresses.
Days of the Week
  • Use the cards to sequence the days of the week.
Month of the Year
  • Use the cards to sequence the days of the months of the year.
Sequencing Numbers
  • Sequence 0-10, 0-20, 0-50, 0-100, 0-120. Each set of cards are coloured-coded in sets of 9 with random numbers to sequence.
  • Sequence each set – get a buddy to check them.
Matching Collections
  • Match the collection to the correct labels.
Telling Time
  • Match the times to the clocks – there are analogue clocks to match to an analogue time and a digital time tag – o’clock – half past – quarter past – quarter to.
Odd and Even Numbers
  • Place the legs or eyes in a line and start adding the numerals to show the counting sequence.
Problem Solving Tasks
  • Students are to read each card and solve the problems, use the recording sheet to show working out and answers.
Skip Counting
  • Cut along the lines and then put them back together to show the correct counting sequence for skip counting patterns.

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