Mother’s Day – 4 Writing and Craft Ideas

Let’s make Mother’s Day a success by using these 4 Writing and Craft ideas for all the mums out there.

We can plan and celebrate with 4 great Writing and Craft ideas for Mother’s Day.

What can I do?

As teachers, we play a significant role in our student’s lives, and it’s essential to help them appreciate and honour their mothers. Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to get our students excited about this special occasion. We can help them create something meaningful and heartfelt for their mothers. Use these 4 Writing and Craft ideas and you will have a great time preparing for Mother’s Day.

What is Mother’s Day?

We make it easy for you to share some history with our PowerPoint of Facts. You can share this with your grade and have a discussion along the way.

mothers-day-powerpoint-cover mothers-day-powepoint-detail

Here are some ideas on how you can help your students celebrate Mother’s Day:

Read on to see our 4 ideas for writing and craft for Mother’s Day.

The First Idea

The first idea –  is for a Mother’s Day card: You can provide crafting materials and encourage students to create personalized cards. Write heartfelt messages of appreciation and love for their mums inside. We have a card template available to use. It has a whole host of little momentos to share on Mother’s Day. They are guaranteed to make any mum smile.

Please note – you will need to provide options and this pack does it for you – mother, mum, mom, nan, grandma, auntie

Add some storytelling using our Interactive Card. Students can create storytelling and share their most cherished memories with their mothers. It can be a fun and emotional experience for everyone involved.

These stories can be recorded in the above card – what a treat to read together on Mother’s Day.

mothers-day-interactive-card-cover mothers-day-interactive-card-cover mothers-day-interactive-card-mother-option mothers-day-interactive-card-mum-option mothers-day-interactive-card-mum-option mothers-day-interactive-card-nan-option mothers-day-interactive-card-grandma-option mothers-day-interactive-card-auntie-option

Our Second Idea

Our second idea is for a Mother’s Day Project: Teachers can organize a Mother’s Day project where students create a special gift for their mums. It can be anything from a crafted bouquet of flowers, coupons contained in a lovely handbag, handmade jewellery, paintings, or even a personalised photo frame.

mothers-day-make-a-bouquet-cover mothers-day-make-a-bouquet-instructions mothers-day-make-a-bouquet-instructions mothers-day-make-a-bouquet-instructions

Idea Three

Here is idea 3 for Mother’s Day are our Writing Prompts: Teachers can give their students specific writing prompts related to their mothers, such as, “My mother’s favourite hobby is…,” “My mother makes the best…,” or “My favourite memory with my mother is…”

mothers-day-make-a-handbag-with-coupons-cover a-handbag-with-coupons-instructions a-handbag-with-coupons-instructions handbag-with-coupons-instructions handbag-with-coupons-instructions handbag-with-coupons-instructions handbag-with-coupons-instructions make-a-handbag-with-coupons-instructions

Idea Four

Now idea 4 is for a Mother’s Day Event: you can organize a special event for mothers and daughters to celebrate their special bond. It could be a Mother’s Day Tea Party, a picnic in the park, or a movie night at school.


Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to help students show appreciation and love for their mothers. Schedule card-making, storytelling, Mother’s Day projects, writing prompts, and events that can make a significant impact on both the students and their mothers. It’s a time to celebrate the remarkable women who have.

Some more ideas you might like to use

Homemade gifts: homemade cards, collages, or paintings to show their love and appreciation for their mothers. Make a special piece of jewellery or a homemade coupon book for special tasks, such as doing the dishes or cleaning their room. We have coupons included in the handbag task in our store.

Breakfast in bed: Kids can help prepare a special breakfast for their mothers, complete with flowers, a homemade card, and a big hug. You could work on a simple menu that the students could do at home. A great writing task, with a real purpose.


Make a list of free things you could do in your town. Take a family trip to a museum, park, or beach. pack a picnic lunch or some snacks.

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