Valentine’s Day Maths Bundle



Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the relationships we have and this Valentine’s Maths Bundle will get your students revising and exploring number sense tasks.

There are so many tasks in our Valentine’s Day Maths Bundle!

Count and Peg It – Valentine’s Day

36 pages

This Count and Peg It Valentine Theme card set is a great addition to your Math Centers for Valentine’s Day.

• There are two colour printing options

• There are two size options.

• Count each collection and use a peg to show the correct number.

• Place the peg on the correct number.

• This enables you to easily check if they are correct.

• They can be used with a buddy and the buddy can check the answers too.

Number Lines – Valentine’s Day

30 pages

Use this “Read the Room’ task to review addition and subtraction to 20. The Valentine’s themed pack makes for a visually appealing way to use number lines.

• There is a full colour and a save your ink version included in this pack.

• Copy the version you want.

• Laminate for long term use.

• Display around the room

• Read the equations and use the children like a number line.

• Record your answer on the answer sheet.

Sequencing Numbers – Valentine’s Day

41 pages

One of the hardest concepts in early math is moving beyond tens, one hundred and one hundred and ten. Use these cards to sequence and match collections beyond 110.

This Sequencing and Making Collections Valentine’s Day pack includes –

• Sequencing cards to 124. Sequence the hearts in order by checking the numeral.

• Use the numeral cards as flashcards for

– before and after games

– adding or subtracting one or two

• Place the correct pieces of candy on each heart. I would suggest you do this for only up to 30.

• Copy as many pieces of candy as you need.

• The numeral cards go to 124 as the bridging over each ten and then 100 and 110 are important counting skills.

Matching Numbers to 20 – Valentine’s Day

21 pages

This Matching Number to Numeral card set helps to consolidate number sense to 20. Use the cards to match the number to the numeral of the collection.

• Copy these cards and match the numeral to the number.

• There are ten frames to match the numerals and words to twenty.

• There are three printing options for you.

– Full color

– Part colour

– Black and white, this can be copied onto coloured card

Missing Numbers – Valentine’s Day

35 pages

Counting is an important skill to have when building number sense. This pack has two sets – one to 10 and one to 20.

This pack includes –

• Print and laminate these for different groups depending on their learning need.

• Students use a dry erase pen to write in the missing numbers.

• Check with a buddy if they have recorded the correct numerals.

• Use number charts from around your room for children to check their work.

Worded Problems – Valentine’s Day

14 pages

Worded Problems are a reading task and a math task! Use these worded problems and record your working out and check using the answer key.

This pack includes –

• Number Stories to 14, because Valentine’s Day is always on the 14th, how many number stories can you draw or write for 14?

• Solve the 20 worded problems and record your working out on the answer sheet.

• There is an answer key.

Patterns – Valentine’s Day

19 pages

Use the candy to make and the patterns provided. Once your students have mastered these patterns, devise your own.

In this pack are

• examples of patterns and how they work.

• use the small pieces to copy the patterns.

• you can make your own patterns and let a buddy check them for you.

Roll and Cover – Valentine’s Day

13 pages

Just for Valentine’s Day, this Roll and Cover task will get your students exploring number sense and simple addition facts.

• There is a full colour and a save your ink version included in this pack.

• Copy and laminate the version you want to use.

• Use a 6 sided dice – roll and cover.

Some sets ask you to

• +1

• +2

• double

• double plus 1

Skip Counting – Valentine’s Day

51 pages

in this Skip Counting Valentine’s Day Pack there are six different sets of cards to help you consolidate skip counting skills. Use the cards to start from non-zero starting point or to count backwards. You may want to laminate them for longer use.

Card sets included are –

• Set A – Counting by 2 using even numbers

• Set B – Counting by 2 using odd numbers

• Set C – Counting by 5

• Set D – Counting by 10

• Set E – Counting by 3

• Set F – Counting by 4

• There is a colour and a ‘save your ink’ version provided

Ten Frames – Valentine’s Day

24 pages

Use these Valentine’s Day Math Ten Frames to consolidate numbers to 10. Use the mat to build to ten and subtract from 10 and then write equations.

This pack includes –

• Ten Frames – two printing options provided. Use them as flash cards to build trusting the count and subitising. Record number stories i.e. 5+4=9, 3+2=5

• Build to 10 – Copy enough of the base sheet for a group of students and laminate them. Use dice or the ten frames to add to the collection. Use a whiteboard to record the addition equation to make 10. For subtraction – start with ten counters and roll a number to remove the collection and write an equation to make 0 ie 10-6=4

Enjoy our Valentine’s Day Maths Bundle


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