United Nations Informational Text



This United Nations Informational Text Pack provides information about the United Nations and the General Assembly.

This information will assist in the writing of your own Information Report, guided by a rubric.

Our resource includes –
KWHL for United Nations

The task will assist in assessing what your grade knows and will help when writing the Information Text

  • This is what we know about…
  • This is what we want to know …
  • This is how we will find out what we want to know……
  • This is our new learning about ….
Fact Cards

These cards can be used –

  • as discussion starters
  • to display these facts about the United Nations
  • to discuss what they mean
  • as starters for the Information Text
  • to help build the paragraphs
Photos to encourage conversations and ideas
  • These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text
  • Print off and display around the finished Informational Text
Reading Tasks
  • This text is to be used to record the main ideas and the supporting information
  • The second task is to paraphrase the text
Writing Tasks
  • These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text
  • Print off and display around the finished Informational Text
  • The rubrics are helpful in assessing the text
  • A planner is included for the Informational Text 

Writing an Informative Text on the United Nations

After teaching about the UN, guide your students in writing an informative text that encapsulates what they’ve learned. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

Topic Selection

Students are to choose a specific aspect of the UN that interests them the most, such as peacekeeping missions, climate action, or refugee assistance.


Instruct students to gather information from reliable sources, including books, articles, and official UN publications. Emphasize the importance of credible sources.


Have students create an outline for their text, organizing their ideas logically. This will serve as a roadmap for their writing.


Teach them how to write a captivating introduction that grabs the reader’s attention and introduces the topic.


Guide students in presenting key information about their chosen aspect of the UN. Encourage them to use facts, statistics, and examples to support their points.


Encourage the use of visuals like images, charts, and graphs to enhance understanding.


Show them how to summarize the main points and reiterate the significance of the UN’s work.

Citing Sources

Teach proper citation methods, ensuring students give credit to their sources and avoid plagiarism.

Editing and Proofreading

Emphasise the importance of revising and editing their work for clarity, grammar, and spelling.


Have students share their informative texts with the class through presentations or written reports.

Read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview shows what is included in this pack.


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