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Experience “The Pocket Dogs” through reading and writing printables that will make your students think about connections, the author’s purpose and complications within a narrative. This is a print and go book companion for ‘The Pocket Dogs”.

Tasks include –

  • Before you read tasks
  • Look at the cover and predict what the story is about
  • Read part of the story and make a prediction and then add what actually happened using the INB or the Making Predictions page
  • Word wall to add vocab – this helps in reading and writing tasks
  • Word Sorting for nouns, proper nouns, verbs and adverbs
  • Vocabulary Detective task
  • Descriptions – traits task for Biff, Buff and Mr Pockets
  • Beginning, middle and end
  • Planning template for a narrative that will help to scaffold writing your own version
  • Write your own blurb – two versions
  • Write a visual representation in a small booklet
  • Venn Diagrams to compare Biff and Buff
  • Sequence task with text from the book
  • Cause – Effect – Complication –Resolution task. Use this as a whole grade our small group to sort the parts of the story
  • Problems and Solutions – you record the solutions. There are two versions to choose from
  • Emotions and connections to our own
  • I see, I think, I wonder
  • Three facts about the story
  • Record 3 facts, 2 opinions, 1 question
  • Plus, minus and interesting parts of the story
  • Text to self, text and world
  • Main idea and sub points
  • What does the author do to keep us reading?
  • Interview questions you would ask
  • Design a new cover
  • Conversation between characters
  • What is the author trying to say?
  • Write a sequel
  • Write a different ending
  • Change the characters or the ending
  • Book report
  • Craft task


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