Mother’s Day Bundle



Mother’s Day Bundle – Celebrate Mother’s Day with this bundle, it has everything you need to make many choices for years to come.

This Mother’s Day Interactive Card gives your students the opportunity to record memories, facts and thoughts about their mother. Every year when we make this card we get amazing feedback from our parents.

This Mother’s Day pack will help create a large card that has many sections. There are instructions with photos to help assemble the card.

The file contains pages for the following options – MumMomGrandmaNan and Auntie.


  • Photocopy all pages
  • Choose an A3 card and fold in half
  • Cut out the template pages and glue them in
  • Cut all the Memory Pages, staple and glue
  • Cut and put together the ‘Our Holidays’ booklet and glue it into place
  • Put together the IOU booklet and glue it in
  • Now it is time to write…..


Mother’s Day PowerPoint of Facts

This PowerPoint will assist in building an understanding of Mother’s Day and why we hold it as an important calendar event and acknowledge it in the way we do.

• Use this as a PowerPoint and share it with your grade.

• Discuss each slide and ask questions about their understanding.


Mother’s Day – Craftivity. A gorgeous coupon handbag with a card is the end result of this task. There are many opportunities to write and discuss what Mother’s Day means and how we celebrate it as families.

Word Wall

  • Copy and then as a grade add words to the pages and display. Add words as you need to and then use these words in all reading and writing tasks

Word Tasks

  • Mothers can-do-have
  • Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?
  • Wordfind with answer key

Persuasive/Opinion Text

  • A way of planning is provided. Display or copy the writing prompt. Plan – draft and edit and publish. Paper provided for draft and publishing. Assessment sheet provided.


  • Five prompts for writing plus a page with lines for longer stories

My book about mom/mum

  • These pages can be used to make a book for each child. You may choose to do all pages or some pages. Copy the pages and then staple them together. Staple where the two marks are then cut in half for two books. Add your information and then decorate. A great addition to a gift for Mom.

Card and poetry – A Haiku Poem

  • Make a card for Mother’s Day and add a poem in the middle

Handbag Craftivity with coupons

  • Have fun making this coupon bag for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day A Bouquet – Surprise the mothers in your room with a handmade bouquet this year. They will love this creation and you will have heaps of fun making this bouquet with your students.

Mother’s Day – Make a Bouquet

How to make a bouquet – Print off the instructions and display them for students to follow

  • Step One Choose two coloured straws for the stems. Place them at an angle to one another. Fasten with tape. We used two skewers and covered them in washi tape.
  • Step Two are the flowers. Make sure there are enough flowers for two each. Choose two flowers. Cut them out. Attach to the top of the straw with tape.
  • Step Three on yellow card if using the black and white template. Cut out two of the larger circles and cut to the middle line, making many cuts all around the circle. Glue this onto the centre of the flowers.
  • Step Four Cut out two smaller circles and glue on the centre of the larger circle. Make your fringing stand out by gently separating the fringes.
  • Step Five Cut out four leaves. Attach with tape.
  • Step Six Use two pieces of tissue paper or cellophane to wrap your flowers in – approx. 20x10cm or 8x4in. Tie up with raffia, string or ribbon.
  • Step Seven Use a second piece of raffia/string or ribbon to attach the card. Use a hole punch to put a hole in the corner before you attach it.
  • Step Eight Cut out the ladybugs and attach them with tape.
  • Make a card – black and white copy to design your own and then boy and girl templates provided


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