Ice Cream Addition and Subtraction Project Based Learning



Who doesn’t love ice cream? This Ice Cream Math pack is engaging colourful and full of addition ideas. Use this Ice Cream Shop to create your own ice creams and work out the cost for each one.
  • It is your choice if you show your students how to record dollars and cents.
  • My extension students do, but my other students do not.
  • Use bundling sticks or Base 10 blocks to work out the cost.
  • Check on a calculator – they love doing this.
Prompts for Ice Cream Shop
  • This is a sample of the prompts to use for display.
  • They will motivate your students to draw, record their ice cream and then cost each one.
Number Bonds
  • There are two types of mats in this pack. (plus two printing options).
  • You can choose what dice to use – 6-10-20 sided!
  • Set One – roll two dice and add both collections together.
  • Set Two – Roll two dice and place the largest collection in the large ice cream.
  • Now work out what you need to add to the smaller number rolled to make the larger number.
  • Copy and laminate them use whiteboard marker to write your equations.
  • Check with a buddy before rubbing out.
Student Workbook
  • This is a sample of the pages available. Select the pages you want in your students’ book.
  • Work through the Number Bonds first – Answer Key at the end of this pack.
  • Use the costing pages to work through the examples and then let the students design their own.
  • The work with the previous number bonds will help you to work out which ones to include in the booklet for each child.
Adding Ice Cream Scoops
  • This section has two tasks.
  • Set One – add to 10. You can use two or more scoops of ice cream.
  • Set Two – add between 11-26 with two or more scoops of ice cream.
Interactive Note Book Pages
  • These are Interactive Note Pages for extension work.
  • Draw the ice cream on the front and under the flap work out how much the ice cream would cost.
  • Answer key provided at the back of this pack.
  • Teach the students how to record dollars and cents.
Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack.
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This product is for personal use in one classroom only. To share or use in multiple classrooms, please purchase additional licenses. This product may not be shared or distributed without consent from the author.

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