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Our Halloween Bundle has all you need for this Halloween Holiday Season.

It includes –

Room on the Broom

Halloween Script Writing

Halloween – Who am I?

Halloween Editable Name Tags


Room on the Broom

Use the magical picture storybook “Room on the Broom’ to explore language,  have shared experiences, and look at the character, setting and plot development.

Quick and easy setup plus clear student directions make these activities perfect for centres.

Your students will love exploring new vocabulary, sharing what they discover, listing parts of speech, sequencing, and writing tasks through this book study.

Tasks included in our product –

  • Words – There are words from the story on cards for you to use. You can display them in your room as writing or reading prompts. They can be used to put into alphabetical order, sort words into similar groups, and name the groups. In word work, students can find the meanings of them. Labels are provided to sort into nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
  • KWHL – Copy each page and display. As a grade, list the things you – Know about Witches- Want to know about Witches – How will we find this out? In the last section, record your new Learning about Witches (there is one on each page as well as a template that includes all four on one page).
  • Word Splash – Around each picture, record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs, and nouns
  • Print and go – sequencing task, label the characters, fill in the missing word, two comprehension tasks, two sequencing tasks, beginning/middle/end, witch/dragon are-have-can, fact task, story map – setting, characters and problem/solution, true or false, making connections, my opinion, narrative template, witch and animals to go on the side of your writing, a recount, Dragon loses fire, word work – oo – itch – and, phonic challenge.
  • Stick Puppets – Copy the pages of your choice. Cut and attach to sticks. Students perform oral plays with the characters.


Script Writing Halloween Theme

  • Use this Halloween holiday theme to start your grade on script writing or consolidate the skills they have. Use planners, storyboards, speech bubbles and an Interactive Notebook page to explore script writing.
KWHL on Script Writing
  • Colour and black/white versions. This will assist in assessing what your grade knows about script writing and help to choose tasks that will fit. This is what we know about scriptwriting. This is what we want to know about scriptwriting.
  • This is how we will find out what we want to know about scriptwriting. This is our new learning about scriptwriting.
Stick Puppets to motivate writing
  • Use these as stick puppets. Add a small stick to the back. Have two students choose two puppets and then they have a conversation. Record the conversation and playback and edit if necessary. They can then write the conversation as a script.
What is a Script?
  • Colour and black and white versions.
  • Script Planner includes black and white, a Poster – example to share, Planning sheet for a script.
Storyboard planners
  • Version One – has three simple boxes
  • Version Two – has seven boxes but follows the three-step process
  • Version Three – Interactive Notebook for the three steps
  • Script for two characters – Color and black/white versions Script between 2 characters. Follow the numbers to make sense of the conversation. (Choice of 7 characters) Pages for recording speech.


Halloween Who am I?

Who am I? This pack encourages your students to describe their costumes and decide what to wear on Halloween night. Be creative and explore each description.

Brainstorm pages
  • list what your students might choose to wear as a costume for Halloween.
Cards with costume examples
  • orally describe the costume•choose one to write about – writing template provided choose one, draw, write about the costume•orally describe the costume to a buddy
Word Splashes
  • to describe what your students may wear as a costume for Halloween.
Interactive Notebook pages
  • What is the costume?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What do you need to organize?
  • Draw and label it?
  • There is a template to record your own choice
Class recount pages
  • Write about how they dressed up for Halloween.
  • There are four covers to choose from.
  • There are additional writing pages if you have students who need more lines to write on.


Halloween – Editable Name Tags

These name tags will help you label all the things you need, They have Halloween images and you can add the font you like.

  • These name tags can be used to place on tubs, crates, books, or anywhere you want your student’s names to be
  • Each Halloween – Editable Name Tags has a different picture for easy spotting
  • Type the names in, print and laminate
  • The font I have used is – KG When Oceans Rise
  • Enjoy

Our Halloween resources can be viewed here

Read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack.


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This product is for personal use in one classroom only. To share or use in multiple classrooms, please purchase additional licenses. This product may not be shared or distributed without consent from the author.


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