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Genius Hour or Passion Project time is a great motivator to share independent learning. This learning comes from an interest that is motivated by trying to dig deeper, change thinking or share knowledge that our students have.

  • There are two files in the zipped folder. One is a Genius Hour Teacher Pack and the other is a Genius Hour PowerPoint to share with students.
  • This Genius Hour pack suits all Inquiries as each one requires a big question to explore and your students may need help in framing the question. The steps apply equally to science, math, Humanities (for eg SOSE, HASS, history, geography).

Genius Hour – Teacher pack

This pack supports you to introduce Genius Hour with templates and charts to use.

Contents of this Genius Hour PDF include –

  • Learning Intention
  • Genius Hour Steps
  • Learning Tasks – Ideas I can explore, what do I know, want to know and have Discovered, Topic Word Splash, Interactive Note Page to accompany the PowerPoint included in the zip file, what facts have I found?
  • Genius Hour Posters – to display while working through the unit of work – • Questioning and Predicting – Planning and Conducting – Recording and Processing – Analyzing and Evaluating – Communicating
  • Genius Hour– Booklet to be filled out during the Investigation
  • Rubric for Assessment
  • Digital Recording alternative with instructions

Genius Hour – Student PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is for your students – it will guide them through the Genius Hour.

It covers –

  • What is Genius Hour?
  • Learning Intention
  • What is Genius Hour all about?
  • Genius Hour Steps to take – Step One to Step Seven
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Outline of posters that will help
  • Support for your question – prior learning, word splash for your topic, INB, Fact recording sheet
  • Recording Booklet – if you choose to use it
  • Rubric for assessment
  • Book Creator Task for tracking your question


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