Fairytale Bundle One



This Fairy Tale Bundle engages your early readers in well known texts. As you proceed through the tasks the confidence to discuss texts, write about them and then make predictions increases


Three Little Pigs – Reading and Writing Tasks

57 pages

This pack is a great way to engage your students in reading and writing tasks around a well known story. There are tasks suited to many differentiated levels, some tasks will challenge and extend, while others will support your students at best fit.

Tasks include –

• Word Wall in b/w and colour

• Interactive Notebook for a KWHL – what we know, want to know, how we will know it, new learning

• Beginning, middle and end of the story

• Summary of what we read

• What can you make a house out of?

• How would you make the wolf leave?

• Setting, characters, complications and resolutions – what are they?

• DeBono Hat thinking

• Word Splash for the three pigs and the wolf

• Pigs/Wolf can- is- has

• Choices we make

• Sequence the story

• Label it

• Character Traits

• Conversations between characters

• Point of View

• Compare and Contrast

• Little Reader



Little Red Riding Hood – Reading and Writing Tasks

96 pages

This Little Red Riding Hood – Reading and Writing set provides a small reader (2 options), and supporting tasks to improve literacy through reading and writing. Your students will love learning about this Fairy Tale and working through the tasks.

Tasks include –

• A Little Reader – Print and go! Two versions available

• Language Vocabulary Cards – Jigsaw tasks

• KWL – What you know, want to know and new learning

• Comprehension questions

• How could you test that Grandma wasn’t a wolf?

• Beginning middle and ending template with or without lines

• Retell templates

• Sequencing templates

• Character maps for Little Red, Grandma, Wolf and Woodcutter

• Setting mapping for house and castle

• Characters – is/has/can two options

• Matching words

• Matching words and adding missing letters

• Word find

• Story Problems and Solutions

• Summary

• Story Map

• Text Connections

• Compare characters

• Best Part of the story

• Main Idea of the story

• Draw and write

• Make a list of food for the basket

• Recount

• Breaking News

• Compare – truth and fantasy

• Change the ending

• Devise questions

• I see, I think, I wonder

• Persuade others to read this text

• Recount with side graphics

• Make a list of what happened in the story

• Be a designer

• How could you make the story better?

• INB – setting, complications, resolutions, characters

• DeBono Hat task

• Character Traits

• Conversations and speech bubbles

• Point of view

• Story parts

• Sequence task

• Story Map

• 5Ws

• Stick Puppets

• Script Planners

• Story Board template



Princess and the Pea

63 pages

Our Princess and the Pea Pack has writing tasks that build vocabulary and descriptions to write a retell of this Fairy Tale. There are photos that help you through three different craftivities. Your students will love learning about this Fairy Tale and working through these tasks.

A Little Reader – Print and go!

• This will give you two books – copy and staple together and then cut in half.

• Use these each day to consolidate common sight words and the letter/sound relationship.

Language Vocabulary Cards

• Color copy, laminate and use.

• Cut cards and then match them up.

• Each picture has a title and a definition to match.

English tasks

• Comprehension questions

• How could you test a real princess or prince?

• Beginning middle and ending template with or without lines

• Character maps for Princess – Prince – Queen and King

• Setting mapping for castle and the bed

• Princess is/has/can

• Matching words

• Matching words and adding initial sounds

• Wordfind

• Story problems and Solutions

• Story Map

• Read and draw

• How to make a bed – write a procedure

Math Tasks

• Count, trace and colour

• Count and colour

• Make patterns on the mattresses

• Roll and Cover

• Roll add 1 and cover

• Roll add 2 and cover

• Roll, double and cover


• Stick puppets – cut out and attach to straws or sticks.

• Put on a puppet show after reading the book, video and playback for feedback.

• Color and b/w versions available

• Make a weaved quilt – instructions and photos included

• Pop up card with retell – photos and instructions included

• Make a layered mattress bed – photos included



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

62 pages

This pack focuses on one Fairy Tale – Goldilocks and the Three Bears and gives many opportunities to explore and interpret the text through reading and writing.

The variety of tasks lets you choose which aspects will suit your grade before you print. Explore all facets of the story with these planners and the prepared prompt sheets. Encourage planning before writing and allow for lots of discussions.

The pack includes –

• Curriculum Links – USA CCSS and Australian Curriculum

• KWHL – What we know – want to know – how will we find out- record new learning

• Vocabulary Cards – Use these cards to discuss character attributes, descriptions and interactions between story components. You can print and go or laminate for longer use. There are three printing options.

• I see, I think, I wonder – Read part of the story and complete each component. Then read the rest of the story and discuss your options

• Beginning, middle and ending – this helps to write a recount

• Recount planner – focuses on each part of a recount

• Jigsaw Cards – Color copy and laminate – sequence in order

of size and use for language vocab, size vocab, adjective. Three printing options

• Character Traits – Interactive Note pages two options for working – two printing options

• Story Parts – Interactive Notebook page, including complications/resolutions and introduction/conclusion

• CAN-IS-HAS – Goldilocks, Baby Bear, Mama Bear, Papa Bear can, is, has- Real Bears can, are, have

• Use adjectives – to describe the chairs, beds, porridge and characters

• Conversation starters – What could Goldilocks say to Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear?

• Breakfast Options – What else could the bears have had for breakfast?

• Emotions – list them for each character

• Descriptions – what each character looks like – adjectives

• Re write the ending – Goldilocks – Beginning, middle, ending and rewrite the story with different characters

• Police Report – describe Goldilocks as a villain

• Venn Diagram for story bears and real bears

• Making Connections – Text to text, text to self, text to world

• Write a sorry letter – to Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear from Goldilocks to say sorry

• Speech bubble – I am really very sorry

• Conflicts and Resolutions – list them in the matrix

• Venn Diagrams – Goldilocks and The Three Bears making comparisons to another Fairy Tale

• Persuasive techniques – How would you persuade Papa Bear to not ring the Police?

• Planning – This is your plan – use the lined paper for your draft

• Writing Craftivity – add a side graphic to your writing

Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack.


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