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These Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Character Traits and Compare and Contrast Tasks are perfect for looking at the similarities and differences between the book and the movie/s.


  • Read the novel to your grade and then watch the two versions of the movie.
  • This will provide the information for your grade to engage in the tasks.
  • The comparisons will have more rigour with this background immersion.

Task One

  • What are character traits?
  • Choose a friend you know well.
  • Together fill out the Venn Diagram and then complete the page on your friend. Draw a picture of them in the middle of the page.
  • Record what you like about them.
  • On the second page add the words with evidence.

Task Two

  • As you read to the grade or watch the movie/s, students are to add character details for a character of their choice.
  • The three sections of beginning, middle and end allow you to record any changes in characters as the story develops.
  • The ‘beginning’ tab is for your first impressions.
  • The ‘end’ tab for your final thoughts

Task Three

  • Traits and gathering evidence.
  • This is for adding notes prior to making your own poster.
  • You must add your evidence.
  • For example – Charlie shows humour when he jokes about winning the ticket.

Task Four

  • Posters and presentation.
  • These posters can be used to record the final presentation of traits and evidence.
  • Your students may decide to draw their own characters.
  • Photos are provided at the start of this pack, if you would like to share them for motivation.

Task Five

  • Compare and contrast the two movies.
  • We used our key word research skills to compile a list using the internet.
  • This is by no means complete.
  • Your grade can make a list of similarities of their own.
  • There are recording sheets to use.
  • Research in pairs and then combine with another pair to add items.
  • Share as a whole grade to make a grade list.

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