Fire Week Themed Math, Reading, and Writing Resources


Igniting a Love for Learning: Fire Week Themed Math, Reading, and Writing Resources

Education is a journey, and it’s essential to keep students engaged and excited about learning. One way to do this is by incorporating themed weeks into the curriculum.

Fire Week, a dynamic and fiery theme, can captivate students’ imaginations and inspire a passion for learning. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of Fire Week and share some fantastic themed math, reading, and writing resources to make this educational experience unforgettable.

What is Fire Week?

Fire Week is an exciting educational theme that can be adapted for various grade levels. It’s a week-long exploration of all things related to fire, including its science, history, and cultural significance. By focusing on this theme, educators can tap into students’ natural curiosity, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them. Here’s how to incorporate Fire Week into your curriculum:

Science of Fire

Fire is a mesmerising natural phenomenon, making it a perfect starting point for scientific exploration. Introduce students to the basic principles of combustion, the fire triangle (heat, fuel, and oxygen), and the chemical reactions involved in fire. Conduct simple experiments to demonstrate these concepts, like creating a mini “fire tornado” using a spinning platform and candles.

Fire Safety

Teaching fire safety is essential, and Fire Week provides an ideal opportunity to do so. Discuss fire prevention, escape plans, and the importance of smoke detectors. Invite local firefighters for a safety talk and possibly a firetruck visit to engage students and emphasize the importance of fire safety.

History and Culture

Explore the historical and cultural significance of fire in various societies. Discuss how early humans used fire for survival and how it played a role in the development of civilizations. Explore mythological stories related to fire gods and fire-related rituals in different cultures.


Themed Math Resources

These Fire Themed Math Centers are full of tasks for your math centers.

Click here to see our Fire Resources on our website or click here for TpT

You may decide to copy two pages onto one page to have less colour copying or use the ‘save my ink’ versions that are included with each section. Each section has a cover page with instructions.

Ten Frames
  • Use as flashcards to trust the count and subitize.
  • Use to make and record number stories 9 = 5+4, 5 = 3+2.
  • These cards are vertical to help prepare for place value and adding to ten 10 + 9 = 19.
  • Two copies – one for ‘save my ink’
  • fire-week-themed-math-reading-and-writing-resources
Peg my number
  • Count the objects and place a peg on the correct numeral.


Make a picture 
  • Sequence the strips in order of the numbers.
  • This will show you a picture of some fire fighting images.


Missing Fire Dog
  • Place the missing dog in the correct spot.
  • Two versions – one is ‘save my ink’.


How many firemen fit in the truck?
  • Sequence the fire trucks in order of the numbers.
  • Then put the number of firemen needed for each fire truck next to it.
  • You will need 20 copies of the fireman page.
  • There is a ‘save an ink’ version.


Which fireman has more extinguishers?
  • Set one –0-20, Set Two –0-100.
  • Place the extinguishers on the correct side – plus a save the ink version


  • +1, +2.
  • Match the equation to the answer.


How many ladders?
  • Work out what is missing on the ladder.
  • Display around the room, read the equations and use the ladders like a number line.
  • Record your answer on the answer sheet.


  • Place the cards in a pile and take one at a time.
  • Work out the answer, you may need to use counters to support some children.
  • Record your answers on the answer sheet.
  • Also includes a ‘save an ink’ version.

Fireman-Read the room
  • Display the A-Z cards around the room.
  • Use the recording sheet to write your answer.

Themed Reading and Writing Resources

Use our Fire Week Themed Writing Prompts in Fire Week or just to work on aspects of early reading and writing.

Click here to see our Fire Resources on our website or click here for TpT

Letter Matching
  • Colour copy and laminate the pieces.
  • There are two sets – one is ‘save my ink’
  • Match up the lower case to the upper case letters.
  • fire-week-bundle-themed-writing-prompts
Peg my sound
  • Look at the picture and make your choice about the starting sound – white set.
  • Ending sound – light yellow set, some words may have more than one answer – so check your thinking!


Fire words for your word wall
  • Colour copy and display.
  • There is a spare sheet for you to record your own words on.


How many words do you know?
  • These are based on the DOLCH primer lists.
  • List One – Prep Primer is yellow/Fire dog
  • List Two – Primer list is light yellow- fire hydrant
  • List Three – Grade One is red – fire station
  • List Four – Grade Two is mustard – fire badge
  • List Five – Grade Three is gray/grey – fire truck


  • Templates for extinguishers, firemen, fire stations, fire trucks, fire and fire dogs.

  • Read the text and make your choice about the correct punctuation – use a peg to show your answer.
  • There is a ‘save my ink’ version.

Label the pictures
  • Copy as needed and use the word lists provided to write the labels.

A reader
  • This will give you two readers when it is copied.
  • Staple where the two black marks are and them cut in half.
  • Add the phone number you need to dial in an emergency.
  • Read and colour.

Interactive Notebook section
  • Fireman, Fire Truck, Fire Plan. Firefighters also ….

Writing Print and Go
  • Alphabet Key
  • I see, I Think, I wonder
  • Fact Chart – 3

fire-week-bundle themed-writing-prompts

3 Questions, 2 Opinions and 1 question
  • There is a planning picture sheet to copy for all writing templates.
  • Then attach it at the top of the story before you display it.
  • There are five topic starters included.

Fire Week offers a thrilling and educational adventure for students, allowing them to explore the science, history, and culture of fire while strengthening their math, reading, and writing skills. By incorporating themed resources and activities, educators can ignite a lifelong love for learning and inspire their students to become informed and responsible citizens. So, embrace the heat, and let the flames of curiosity burn brightly during Fire Week!

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