ANZAC Day Reading, Writing and Craft Tasks

Make an ANZAC Day booklet

ANZAC Day is an important part of our history. It is a day where we commemorate (not celebrate)  with our New Zealand neighbours.

This day is a huge part of our Australian and New Zealand shared history. It is a huge responsibility to make sure we engage our students in the recognition and commemoration of this event. We have created some ANZAC Day Reading, Writing and Craft ideas that will assist in building their knowledge and understanding of the sacrifices that have been made.

This day is a national day of remembrance held in Australia and New Zealand on 25th April every year. The day commemorates the soldiers who served and died at Gallipoli in World War I.

Our Reading, Writing and Craft tasks cater for any level and have many tasks to choose from. We have created a powerpoint that you can share that clearly outlines the mateship, perseverance and honour that our soldiers shared. We have recipes and craft that will add value to your history lessons.

There are so many books available to read to your grade. We have created a variety of templates for you to use with any book you choose to read. These can be used in small groups or in whole grade tasks. These templates have been so easy for us to use and our students always enjoy using them. The reflection at the conclusion has always been a highlight for me, as the insights our students have can be amazing. Some books are challenging for some students as they can be quite emotional. Make sure they are supported and that you have many discussions about the content of books shared.

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books to read

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